Tafamidis CAS:594839-88-0

Tafamidis CAS:594839-88-0
Product Details

CAS NO.594839-88-0
Product Name Tafamidis
SynonymsFx-1006A; Vyndaqel; Fx1006A; Fx 1006A
Molecular Weight308.12
Spec / Purity98%min
Supply Capacity
Details Tafamidis, also known as Fx-1006 or Fx-1006A, is a drug for the amelioration of transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis (also familial amyloid polyneuropathy, or FAP), a rare but deadly neurodegenerative disease. The drug was approved by the European Medicines Agency in November 2011 and by the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in September 2013. Tafamidis functions by kinetic stabilization of the correctly folded tetrameric form of the transthyretin (TTR) protein. In patients with FAP, this protein dissociates in a process that is rate limiting for aggregation including amyloid fibril formation, causing failure of the autonomic nervous system and/or the peripheral nervous system (neurodegeneration) initially and later failure of the heart.


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