Galeterone CAS:851983-85-2

Galeterone  CAS:851983-85-2
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CAS NO.851983-85-2 4.png
Product NameGaleterone
SynonymsVN/124-1; TOK 001
Molecular Weight388.55
Spec / Purity98%min
Supply Capacity
DetailsGaleterone (TOK-001 or VN/124-1) is a novel steroidal antiandrogen for the treatment of prostate cancer. It possesses a unique dual mechanism of action, acting as both an androgen receptor antagonist and an inhibitor of CYP17A1, an enzyme required for the biosynthesis of the androgens. It shows selectivity for 17,20-lyase over 17-hydroxylase. As of the second half of 2014, galeterone is in phase III clinical trials for castration-resistant prostate cancer.

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