AZD3293 CAS:1383982-64-6

AZD3293 CAS:1383982-64-6
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CAS NO.1383982-64-6 cc.jpg
Product NameAZD3293
SynonymsLY 3314814
Molecular Weight412.54
Spec / Purity98%min
Supply Capacity
DetailsAZD3293 is an inhibitor of BACE1, the β-secretase sheddase that cleaves the APP protein to release APP's C99 fragment. This fragment then becomes a substrate for subsequent γ-secretase cleavage and Aβ peptide generation. The rationale is that inhibiting BACE1 will reduce amyloid-related toxicity in Alzheimer's disease. AZD3293 is one of several BACE1/2 inhibitors currently in development. Preclinical data have not been formally published. AZD3293 is administered in tablet form.

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