Ribociclib CAS:1211441-98-3

Ribociclib  CAS:1211441-98-3
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CAS NO.1211441-98-3 7.png
Product NameRibociclib
Molecular Weight434.54
Spec / Purity98%min
Supply Capacity
DetailsRibociclib (LEE011) is an orally available cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor targeting cyclin D1/CDK4 and cyclin D3/CDK6 cell cycle pathway, with potential antineoplastic activity. It specifically inhibits CDK4 and 6, thereby inhibiting retinoblastoma (Rb) protein phosphorylation. Inhibition of Rb phosphorylation prevents CDK-mediated G1-S phase transition, thereby arresting the cell cycle in the G1 phase, suppressing DNA synthesis and inhibiting cancer cell growth. Overexpression of CDK4/6, as seen in certain types of cancer, causes cell cycle deregulation.

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